Kissakylä - Cat museum

Jyväskylä, Yliopistonkatu 4A

Thank you for spending an hour in our company and thus becoming part of our lives. 

Unlimited consumption of coffee or tea for 2.95 euros.

Pay attention to our mood and treat us in a way that is pleasant for all of us. If we seek for endearment, you can pet us. We might purr in return for your kindness If we feel like playing, please play with us.

In case we are sleeping, just watch us and try to guess what we are dreaming about.


Kissakylän ikkunassa on nyt kissanäyttely!

Käy katsomassa kun kävelet Yliopistonkadulla!


Kissakylä pitää ovensa suljettuna toistaiseksi, yleisen turvallisuuden takaamiseksi.

Tilanne on ikävä, mutta päivitämme kissojen kuulumisia Facebookiin ja Instagramiin, joten olkaahan kuulolla.

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I also came from a pet shelter to Kissakylä. I had a hard life, so I am a bit afraid of people. But I like playing, for example, I enjoy chasing the ball or catching the toy mouse. Play with me but do not touch me, please. 


I am a neutered female cat, born in 2019 summer. My previous owner was an old lady, who kept me and about 50 other cats in her home. After her death, I was taken to a pet shelter and then to Kissakylä. Due to my troubled past, I am a bit shy and do not always like being petted. However, if I trust you, I might even play with you.


Simba is my brother even though we look different. I am a neutered female cat. I like being petted, but if you overdo it, I might bite you! Sometimes I bite even when I am happy. This is a way to express my emotions.


I am a 5-year-old neutered tom-cat. I like meeting people, being petted and eating. I am calm and majestic. I am the boss here. I keep an eye on the others even when my eyes are closed.